Tzurit in 1984
Coordinates: 32°54′7.05″N 35°15′2.31″E / 32.9019583°N 35.2506417°E / 32.9019583; 35.2506417Coordinates: 32°54′7.05″N 35°15′2.31″E / 32.9019583°N 35.2506417°E / 32.9019583; 35.2506417
District Northern
Council Misgav
Affiliation Mishkei Herut Beitar
Founded April 1981
Population (2015)[1] 763

Tzurit (Hebrew: צוּרִית) is a community settlement in northern Israel. Located in the western Galilee region, west of Karmiel, it falls under the jurisdiction of Misgav Regional Council. In 2015 it had a population of 763.


The gar'in that founded Tzurit was formed in central Israel in 1979, with the village established by thirteen families in April 1981.


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