• צוֹרָן-קָדִימָה
  • كاديما تسوران
Hebrew transcription(s)
  ISO 259 Çoran-Qadíma
  Also spelled Kadima-Tzoran (official)

Coordinates: 32°16′40″N 34°54′55″E / 32.27778°N 34.91528°E / 32.27778; 34.91528Coordinates: 32°16′40″N 34°54′55″E / 32.27778°N 34.91528°E / 32.27778; 34.91528
District Central
Founded 2003 (merger)
  Type Local council (from 2003)
  Head of Municipality Shavit Mass
  Total 10,372 dunams (10.372 km2 or 4.005 sq mi)
Population (2015)[1]
  Total 20,514
Name meaning "Silicon"-"forward"

Tzoran-Kadima (Hebrew: צוֹרָן-קָדִימָה), also known as Kadima-Tzoran, is a local council in the Central District of Israel. The result of the 2003 union of the Tzoran and Kadima councils, in 2015 it had a population of 20,514.

Tzoran-Kadima is home to the "Ta'am Shel Pa'am" (A Taste of Old) museum for the history of the settlement in the elementary school "Nitzanei HaSharon".



Kadima was founded on 5 July 1933 as an agricultural settlement at the initiative of Yehoshua Hankin. Most of the settlers were German immigrants.[2] The name means "forward" in Hebrew, and was taken from a Biblical verse (Habakkuk 1:9).[2] The town was declared a local council in 1950.


Tzoran, meaning silicon, was founded in 1992 and was planned by architect Rachel Walden. The settlement was named after a Hasmonean city that had existed in the area. It was first populated in 1994, and declared a local council in 1997.


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