The front-page story on 3 December 2006 covered the 100th Anniversary of Torino F.C.
Type National daily newspaper
Owner(s) Nuova Editoriale Sportiva S.r.l.
Publisher Nuova Editoriale Sportiva S.r.l.
Founded 1945 (1945)
Language Italian
Headquarters Corso Svizzera 185, Torino, Italy
Circulation 64,355 (2012)
Website www.tuttosport.com

Tuttosport is an Italian sport newspaper published in Turin, Italy.

History and profile

Tuttosport was first published on 30 July 1945. Renato Casalbore (who later died in the 1949 Superga air disaster alongside the Il Grande Torino football squad) founded the newspaper as a bi-weekly. In 1946, it moved to three editions a week, and since 12 March 1951 it has been published daily. The paper has its headquarters in Turin.[1][2] It is published in broadsheet format.[2] Typical issues have 28 or 32 pages and are produced in four editions, targeted respectively at Turin, Rome, Milan, and Genoa.

The newspaper is edited by Vittorio Oreggia; his predessors have included Paolo De Paola, Giancarlo Padovan, Antonio Ghirelli, Xavier Jacobelli, and Gianpaolo Ormezzano.


Tuttosport had a circulation of 123,921 copies in 2004.[3] The circulation of the paper was 115,533 copies in 2008.[4] In 2012 the paper sold 64,355,791 copies.[5]

Golden Boy Award

The Golden Boy award is given out to the top under-21-year-old football player active in Europe.[6]


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