Tuscan regional election, 1985

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Tuscan regional election of 1985 took place on 12 May 1985.

Electoral law

Election was held under proportional representation with provincial constituencies where the largest remainder method with a Droop quota was used. To ensure more proportionality, remained votes and seats were transferred at regional level and calculated at-large.


The Italian Communist Party was by far the largest party. After the election Gianfranco Bertolini, the incumbent Communist President of the Region, formed a new government with the support of the Italian Socialist Party and the Italian Democratic Socialist Party.[1]

Parties votes votes (%) seats
Italian Communist Party 1,183,428 46.2 25
Christian Democracy 679,986 26.6 14
Italian Socialist Party 306,797 12.0 5
Italian Social Movement 118,420 4.6 2
Italian Republican Party 84,725 3.3 1
Italian Democratic Socialist Party 43,810 1.7 1
Green List 41,281 1.6 1
Proletarian Democracy 37,098 1.5 1
Italian Liberal Party 28,863 1.1 -
Others 36,064 1.4 -
Total 2,560,472 100.0 50

Source: Ministry of the Interior


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