Turó de l'Home

Turó de l'Home
Highest point
Elevation 1,712 m (5,617 ft)
Coordinates 41°46′21.1″N 2°26′15″E / 41.772528°N 2.43750°E / 41.772528; 2.43750Coordinates: 41°46′21.1″N 2°26′15″E / 41.772528°N 2.43750°E / 41.772528; 2.43750
Location Catalonia, Spain

Turó de l'Home is a mountain of Catalonia, Spain, part of the Montseny Massif. With its elevation of elevation 1,712 m (5,617 ft) above sea level,[1] it is the highest peak of the Montseny Massif.

The top of the mountain is a triangulation station. (On the image on the right, this station can be seen on the left peak. Only due the perspective the right peak seems higher. On the right peak some telecommunication infrastructures are installed.) A paved road leads almost up to peak. The state of the pavement is partly very poor (as of January 2015). While some parts are renovated, others contain large potholes and are covered by loose gravel. The last 1,500 metres of the road are closed for motorized traffic but open for cyclists and hikers. The final ascent to the triangulation station, some 50 metres above the endpoint of the road, is a step trail.

The Turó de l'Home was the site of the 1959 Transair Douglas Dakota accident.

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