Tullio Carminati

Tullio Carminati
Born Tullio Carminati
21 September 1894
Zara, Dalmatia, Austria-Hungary (now Zadar, Croatia)
Died 26 February 1971(1971-02-26) (aged 76)
Rome, Italy
Years active 1915-1963

Tullio Carminati (September 21, 1894February 26, 1971) was an Italian actor noted for roles in The Cardinal, One Night of Love, Music in the Air and El Cid. He also appeared in the movie Roman Holiday.

At the age of 14, he toured America with his own company. He made his film debut in Italy, and was discovered by Joseph Schenck and taken to America in 1925. He also appeared on the British screen. Some films were Paris Love Song, Let's Live Tonight, London Melody and Sunset in Vienna.

Selected filmography

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