Tui Cathedral

Tui Cathedral

The Cathedral of Santa Maria is a late-Romanesque and Gothic-style, Roman Catholic cathedral located on Plaza de San Fernando in the center of the town of Tui, region of Galicia, Spain.

Construction began in the 12th century and the North portal and layout derive from this age. The main facade (1225) however is of a later Gothic style. The main chapel located in the choir was completed in 1699 by Castro Canseco. The interior has a large prominent retablo de la Expectacion, and a large altar of relics in the Chapel of the Relics. The cloister is in Gothic style.[1]


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Coordinates: 42°02′46″N 8°38′41″W / 42.0461°N 8.6447°W / 42.0461; -8.6447

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