Tudela Cathedral

Cathedral of Tudela

Cathedral of Tudela or Catedral de Santa Maria is the Roman Catholic cathedral located in Plaza Vieja in the center of Tudela, Region of Navarre, Spain. The medieval building was originally a collegiate church. It is now a co-cathedral in the Archdiocese of Pamplona y Tudela.


Christians under Alfonso the Battler conquered Tudela in 1119. In the aftermath of the conquest, Muslims were forced to live in a suburb outside the town walls. The city´s main mosque was handed over to the church. The site was designated for the construction of a church (prior to the mosque there had been a church there dedicated to Santa Maria la Blanca). Construction began on a collegiate church in 1168. The architectural style initially used was Romanesque.

Among the treasures of the church, are the three Romanesque portals with elaborate sculptural decoration. The North door is called the Portal de Santa Maria, while to the South is the Portal del Juicio (Portal of the Last Judgement).

The nave and chapels was rebuilt in Gothic-style. Construction lasted until the 13th-century.

The main chapel has a retablo by 15th-century artists consisting of 18 panels of the Life of Jesus and Mary, and others depicting prophets and apostles. The sculpture of the Assumption of the Virgin (1606) is by Juan Bascardo.

The central choir was completed by Esteban de Obray in Gothic style. The Organ was made in 1759 by Lucas de Tarazona of Lerín.[1]

In 1884, the cathedral was declared a national monument.[2]


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