Tode Mongke

Dawlat Berdi

Tuda Mengu leading the warriors of the Golden Horde (Mughal painting)
Reign 1280-1287
Born Golden Horde
Died 1287
House Borjigin
Dynasty Golden Horde
Father Toqoqan
Religion Islam

Tuda Mengu, also known as Tode Mongke, Tudamongke (Mongolian: Тодмөнх/Todmönkh or Tudamönkh), was khan of the Golden Horde, division of the Mongol Empire from 1280-1287.


Tode Mongke was the son of Toqoqan, grandson of Batu Khan and brother of Mongke Temur. A pious khan, he converted to Islam in 1283.[1] Due to his deep religion, Tudamongke was not aggressive to expand his territory. However, he did keep good contact with Mamluk Sultanate in Egypt against Ilkhanate who was faithless enemy of both states. Rashid Ad-din wrote that he was willing to keep good relations with Kublai khan and released his son Nomughan to Yuan Court. During his government the influence of Nogai Khan greatly increased in the Golden Horde, and there was a second attack against Hungary in 1284/1285. He abdicated in favor to his nephew Tole Buqa in 1287.[2]

His name literally means "Bright Eternal" in the Mongolian language.

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Preceded by
Mongke Temur
Khan of the Golden Horde
1280 1287
Succeeded by
Tole Buqa

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