Tucker bag

A tucker bag is a traditional food or dinner storage bag used in the Australian outback. Typically a tucker bag was carried by a swagman or bushman. In its basic design a tucker bag is a pouch or bag with a single entry typically closed with a drawstring. Tucker bags can come in a variety of sizes and in its larger form can be used for carrying other utensils and sleeping gear other than food. In this way the tucker bag can be regarded as an early form of backpack. Common materials used to make tucker bags were leather or oilskin.

The term tucker bag appears in a number of traditional Australian songs and poems, including the lyrics in Waltzing Matilda "Whose is that jumbuck you've got in your tucker bag?", reflecting the tucker bag's place in Australian culture and history. The title of the song itself derives from the way a tucker bag swayed to-and-fro on a swagman's back as he walked along, who was said to be out "waltzing Matilda", i.e., the tucker bag.

In more modern times, tucker bags have become associated with reusable grocery bags used when shopping or traveling. Modern bags are typically made from polyester and come in a variety of styles and designs.

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