Tsuchiya clan

The emblem (mon) of the Tsuchiya clan[1]
In this Japanese name, the family name is Tsuchiya.

Tsuchiya clan (土屋氏 Tsuchiya-shi) is a Japanese samurai kin group.[2]


The Tsuchiya claim descent from Minamoto Yasuuji and the Seiwa-Genji. Tsuchiya Tadanao (1585–1612) was made head of the clan in 1602, and he was established as the head of Kururi Domain in Kazusa Province. The clan moved in 1669 to Tsuchiura Domain in Hitachi Province and again in 1681 to Tanaka Domain in Suruga Province. The clan settled from 1688 through 1868 at Tsuchiura (95,000 koku).[2]

After the Meiji Restoration, the head of the clan was made a Viscount in the kazoku peerage system.[2]

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