Maria Alekseyevna of Russia

Tsarevna Maria Alekseyevna (Russian: Мари́я Алексе́евна; 18 January 1660 - 9 March 1723) was a Russian Princess, daughter of Tsar Alexis of Russia and Maria Miloslavskaya, sister of Tsar Feodor III of Russia and Tsar Ivan V of Russia and half sister of Tsar Peter the Great.


Maria Alekseyevna did not actively participate in the political plots of the Kremlin, but her open passive sympathy for Tsarevna Sophia Alekseyevna, Eudoxia Lopukhina and Alexei Petrovich, Tsarevich of Russia made her relationship to Tsar Peter tense. She maintained a contact with Eudoxia Lopukhina after Lopukhina had been placed in a convent, and passed messages and money between Lopukhina and her son Alexei Petrovich. When Alexei Petrovich left Russia, she met him on the way and brought a letter from him to his mother. After the arrest of Alexei, Maria was taken in custody accused of having assisted his escape. She was imprisoned, first in prison and then in house arrest in Saint Petersburg. She was released in 1721.


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