Truncated icosahedral prism

Truncated icosahedral prism

Schlegel diagram
TypePrismatic uniform polychoron
Uniform index62
Schläfli symbolt0,1,3{3,5,2} or t{3,5}×{}
Cells34 total:

2 5.6.6
12 4.4.5
20 4.4.6

Faces154 total:
90 {4}
24 {5}
40 {6}
Vertex figure
Isosceles-triangular pyramid
Symmetry group[5,3,2], order 240

In geometry, a truncated icosahedral prism is a convex uniform polychoron (four-dimensional polytope).

It is one of 18 convex uniform polyhedral prisms created by using uniform prisms to connect pairs of Platonic solids or Archimedean solids in parallel hyperplanes.

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