Troyekurovskoye Cemetery

Coordinates: 55°42′0.74″N 37°24′32.22″E / 55.7002056°N 37.4089500°E / 55.7002056; 37.4089500 The Troyekurovskoye Cemetery (Russian: Троекуровское кладбище), sometimes called the Novo-Kuntsevskoye Cemetery (Russian: Ново-Кунцевское кладбище), is a Russian cemetery. It is located next to the Moscow Highway Ring Road, in the former village of Troyekurovo, on the edge of western Moscow. It is administered as a branch of the Novodevichy Cemetery.

The village takes its name from the Troyekurov princely family, a branch of the Rurikid House of Yaroslavl, that owned the village in the 17th century. The cemetery includes the Church of Saint Nicholas. The church was built by Prince Troyekurov in 1699-1704, closed during the Soviet time, and returned to the faithful in 1991.

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