Troubleman Unlimited Records

Troubleman Unlimited Records
Founder Mike Simonetti
Genre Noise, Noise rock, drone metal, dance-punk, freak folk, punk jazz, post-metal, post-hardcore, post-punk revival
Country of origin United States
Location Bayonne, New Jersey

Troubleman Unlimited Records was a record label specializing in indie rock and similar genres. Founded in 1993, the label is based in Bayonne, New Jersey and owned by Mike Simonetti.[1]


The label started as an offshoot of a fanzine called "Wanna Communicate?", releasing 7" singles. The label has grown significantly in the 2000s, releasing full-length albums by many groups who are regularly reviewed in media outlets like Spin and Pitchfork. The label focuses on noise rock, including releases from Black Dice, Wolf Eyes and Hair Police. Troubleman Unlimited was named "Best Label" by New York Magazine in 2005.[2]

In the 21st century, Simonetti started a dance label, Italians Do It Better, with Johnny Jewel of Glass Candy.[3]

Band roster

The following artists have made at least one release through Troubleman Unlimited or Italians Do It Better.

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