Tropical Nights

Tropical Nights
Directed by Leo Mittler
Produced by Paul Reno
Written by Joseph Conrad (novel)
Rudolph Cartier
Egon Eis
Grover Jones
William Slavens McNutt
Starring Dita Parlo
Robert Thoeren
Fritz Greiner
Else Heller
Cinematography René Guissart
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release dates
Country United States
Language German

Tropical Nights (German: Tropennächte) is a 1931 American German language drama film directed by Leo Mittler and starring Dita Parlo, Robert Thoeren and Fritz Greiner. The film was one of five multi-language versions of the American film Dangerous Paradise (1930) made by Paramount at the Joinville Studios in Paris.[1] These were made in the years following the introduction of sound film, before the practice of dubbing became widespread. The film, like the original American production, is based on Joseph Conrad's 1915 novel Victory.



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