Tropang Potchi

Tropang Potchi
Genre Children-oriented, narrative - magazine show
Written by Jorron L. Monroy (Head Writer and Skit Director)
Eva Marie Ercilla
Wilfred Villaruel
Leonard "Lee" Junio-Gasid
Directed by Louie Ignacio
Starring Sabrina Man
Miggy Jimenez
Lianne Valentino
Isabel "Lenlen" Frial
Nomer Limatog
Miggs Cuaderno
Kyle Danielle Ocampo
Potchi Mascots
Opening theme Tropang Potchi Theme
Ending theme Tropang Potchi Theme
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino and English
No. of seasons 13
Executive producer(s) Rochelle Guison (2012-2015)
Buboy Favor (2009-2012)
Running time 30 minutes
Original network Q (2009-2011)
GMA Network (2011-2015)
Original release December 19, 2009 (2009-12-19) – February 14, 2015 (2015-02-14)

Tropang Potchi (lit. Troop of Potchi) is a Philippine TV program created for kids sponsored by Columbia International Food Products which currently airs on GMA Network. Set in a modern milieu, the program aims to promote traditional Filipino values through comic narrative stories and exciting feature segments.

Tropang Potchi is currently running on its 13th Season (2014) on GMA Network. After winning the coveted Silver World Medal from the New York Festivals Best Works for TV and Film, Tropang Potchi continues to the extreme. The current season features thrilling and exciting activities that challenged our ka-potchis, such as fiction mystery-solving, learning detective skills from NBI, riding the exciting roller coaster zipline and braving tower drops to name a few. Still to come are more outdoor hobbies and activities everyone can enjoy!

Something to look forward to in this is season are known personalities and their other side. We will see Philippines' favorite celebrities and their hobbies. We will see what they do off-cam. "Ang iyong paboritong artista, ka-potchi din tulad mo!"

Tropang Potchi is a modern-day children's show that kids today can certainly learn from and relate with through its narrative stories, presenting pressing issues of the "techie" era.


The show was first aired from December 19, 2009 to January 16, 2011 on GMA's then lifestyle channel, Q (now GMA News TV). The program was basically a talent show for children hosted by 6 kid discoveries together with an iconic strawberry colored mascott, Potchi. Segments of the show includes telligences or "smarts": word, number or reasoning, picture, body, music, people, self, and nature. The game portion, on the other hand, features a giant game board that challenges the children's mental and physical abilities. Other regular segments in the show are "Video-OK!," where kids are encouraged to send in videos of themselves, their families, friends, and others which they recorded themselves; "Aprub!," a regular feature on people, events, and places that are remarkable and worthy of getting the Potchi "aprub" mark; "Dear Kapotchi," a feedback portion where kids can send their comments, suggestions and even school activities announcements; and "Sabi ni Potchi," a series of short stories featuring Potchi the mascot, injecting humor, commentary, trivia.

It ran for 4 seasons until sponsoring brand Columbia wanted to reformat the program into a weekly values-driven narrative show with informative feature segments. With the new direction, in 2011, Columbia and the network decided to transfer the program to GMA Network and officially aired on April 30 of the same year. The current format of the show makes use of animations and easy-to-do experiments which makes it more entertaining for kids while discussing timely kid issues such as bullying, computer addiction, gender sensitivity, concern for the environment, value for education, dealing with issues among family and friends.

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