Trondheim Region

The Trondheim Region is a statistical metropolitan region in the counties of Sør-Trøndelag (population: 235,758) and Nord-Trøndelag (24,606) in Norway. It is centered on the city of Trondheim.

Municipality Population Area¹ Density² County
Trondheim187,353342,2472,6 Sør-Trøndelag
Midtre Gauldal6,2551 859,83,2
Selbu4,0161 234,83,2
Stjørdal22,285937,9 21,6 Nord-Trøndelag
Total274,9587,29535As of October 2012

1/ km²
2/ Population per km², population data from ssb;
3/ Orkdal has been added to region due to new road completed

The new road to Orkdal was recently completed, shortening the driving time between Trondheim and Orkanger with some 15 minutes, adding Orkdal to the region.

Although rarer, there is also some commuting from Rennebu, Levanger and Frosta.

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