Trinity Universe

This article is about the fictional universe. For the PlayStation 3 game, see Trinity Universe (video game).

The Trinity Universe (also called the Æon Continuum or the Æonverse) is the shared science fiction setting created by White Wolf Publishing. Its component game lines include:


ÆON, later known as Trinity was a science-fiction game intended to create a whole new series of games, a trilogy.[1]:222 Rob Hatch's near-future, superheroic Aberrant (1999) had already been in development and was remolded to fit into the "Trinity Universe" setting.[1]:223 By the time the third "Trinity" book was published, it was obvious that the line suffered from insufficient sales, and thus Adventure! (2001), the pulp component of the RPG trilogy, was released as a standalone book.[1]:223 White Wolf's ArtHaus imprint was eventually also in charge of the "Trinity" line, so they produced d20 Trinity books to test the waters for White Wolf's other universes; however, Aberrant d20 (2004), Adventure d20 (2004) and Trinity d20 (2004) came and went in a time when the d20 market was already weakened.[1]:226


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