Trinity Benedictine Monastery

Trinity Benedictine Monastery
Basic information
Location Fujimi, Suwa District, Nagano Prefecture, Japan
Affiliation Roman Catholic Church
Leadership Prior Roman Paur

Trinity Benedictine Monastery is a small community of Benedictine monks in the town of Fujimi, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. The monastery was started in 1999, before which the Benedictines used Saint Anselm’s parish and priory (Meguro Church) in Tokyo.[1]

The premises hold a chapel, a chapter house, library, dining and leisure space, and rooms for monks and guests. As it is located in Japan all prayers are held in Japanese.



Coordinates: 35°54′39.0″N 138°13′44.2″E / 35.910833°N 138.228944°E / 35.910833; 138.228944

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