Treviglio–Cremona railway

Treviglio–Cremona railway
Type Heavy rail
Status in use
Locale Lombardy, Italy
Termini Treviglio
Opened 1863 (1863)
Owner RFI
Operator(s) Trenord
Line length 65 km (40 mi)
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Electrification 3 kV DC
overhead line
Route map
from Milan / from Bergamo
64.576 Treviglio
to Venice
59.542 Caravaggio
53.773 Capralba
49.845 Casaletto Vaprio
42.891 Crema
39.000 Madignanosince 1996 [1]
33.505 Castelleone
25.986 Soresina
junction FS-SNFT
Cremona–Iseo railway
17.739 Casalbuttano
from Brescia
10.831 Olmeneta
5.420 P.M. Km 5,420
from Mantua
0.000 Cremona
to Pavia / to Fidenza and to Piacenza

The Treviglio–Cremona railway is a railway line in Lombardy, Italy.


The line was planned in the last years of the Austrian domination of Lombardy, and opened in 1863 after the Second Italian War of Independence.[2]

It was electrified in 1977.[3]

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