Tre Små Kinesere

Tre Små Kinesere
Origin Trondheim, Norway
Genres Pop
Years active 1988 (1988)–present
Labels CBS/Sony
  • Ulf Risnes
  • Lars Lien
  • Eirik Øien
  • Dag Erik Oksvold
  • Freddy Bolsø
  • Daniel Børmark
Past members

Tre Små Kinesere are a pop group based in Trondheim, Norway which, since their beginning in the 1990s, defined their own acoustic style. They recorded nine albums between then and 2004 to come back in 2010. The band was composed of Ulf Risnes (vocals and guitar), Øystein Hegge (vocals and keyboard), and Baard Slagsvold (vocals and bass).[1]


Tre Små Kinesere was established in 1988 when the band recorded a track for the compilation album Den akustiske gitarliga. After a number of concerts and favorable audience reaction in 1988 and 1989, the band was signed to the CBS/Sony label in June 1989. Their debut album, 365 Fri, was released on January 17, 1990. This album was nominated for Spellemannprisen (Spelleman Awards) in 1991 but did not receive it. In 1991, they released their second album, Luftpalass, which earned them Spellemannprisen in 1992.[1]

In spring 1995 the band received its second Spellemann Award. They won the prize in the category «Band», for their fourth album, Hjertemedisin which had been released the previous year.[2]

In April 2004 it was announced that bassist Baard Slagsvold would be leaving the band. Risnes and Hegge completes some tour dates during the following summer with Truls Waagø as a stand-in, but the band officially breaks up in February 2005. Risnes and Hegge stated at the time that it «would not feel right to continue without Baard».[3]


Present members

Previous members

Selected discography

Motorpsycho & Tre Små Kinesere


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