Transport in Tonga

Transport in Tonga includes road, air and water-based infrastructure. There are 680 km of highways in Tonga, of which 184 km are paved, and there are a number of air and seaports.

There are three harbours in Tonga: Neiafu, Nukuʻalofa and Pangai, and in terms of merchant marine, the country possesses seven ships that exceed 1,000GRT, whose masses combined total 17,760GRT. By type, there is one bulk ship, two cargo ships, 2 liquefied gas ships, one petroleum tanker and roll-on/roll-off ship.

By 1999 estimates, there are 6 airports in Tonga. Of these, one has paved runways, the Fuaʻamotu International Airport on Tongatapu. Of the remaining airports, one has runways exceeding length 1,524 m, two have runways longer than 914 m, with the remaining two having runways shorter than 914 m. The airline of Tonga is Peau Vava'u.

There was formerly a railway in Nuku'alofa, but it no longer exists.[1][2]


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