Ministry of Transport and Road Safety

Ministry of Transport, National Infrastructure and Road Safety
משרד התחבורה, התשתיות הלאומיות והבטיחות בדרכים

Ministry of Transport, National Infrastructure and Road Safety Headquarters
Agency overview
Formed 1948
Preceding agencies
  • Ministry of Transport
  • Ministry of Transport and Road Safety
Jurisdiction Government of Israel
Headquarters Transport, National Infrastructure and Road Safety Building, Givat Ram, Jerusalem
Annual budget 452 million New Shekel[1]
Minister responsible
  • Yisrael Katz,
    Minister of Transport, National Infrastructure and Road Safety
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politics and government of
Yisrael Katz, Israeli Minister of Transport

The Ministry of Transport, National Infrastructure and Road Safety (MOT) (Hebrew: משרד התחבורה, התשתיות הלאומיות והבטיחות בדרכים) is a government agency that handles transportation and road safety issues in Israel. The ministry headquarters are in Givat Ram, Jerusalem.[2]

Functions and structure

The Ministry of Transport handles road safety; operation of traffic services; and maintaining international air, sea, and overland links. Land transport departments include the Licensing Division, Vehicles Division, Traffic Division, Road Safety Administration, and Financial Supervision Division. The Shipping and Ports Administration handles maritime transport, and the Civil Aviation Administration handles air transport. The Meteorological Service covers all three areas. Units subordinate to the director-general include Planning and Economics, Legal Counsel, Public Relations, Internal Auditing, Finance, and Emergency Arrangements. The Israel Airports Authority and the Ports and Railways Authority have a special status as corporations established by law.

The Planning and Economics Division coordinates transport policy, work plans, budgets, and funding; sets policy on prices, levies, and fees; monitors the administration of the Airports Authority and the Ports and Railways Authority; coordinates information systems and transportation research; and oversees physical planning and monitoring of master plans.[3]

Development plans

In 2010, Nir Barkat, mayor of Jerusalem, unveiled a NIS 8 billion transportation plan for the city drawn up in collaboration with the Transport Ministry. The plan includes a new light rail line, extensions of the first phase of the red line now under construction, a series of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) routes and five new roads.[4]

List of ministers

The Minister of Transport, National Infrastructure and Road Safety (Hebrew: שר התחבורה, התשתיות הלאומיות והבטיחות בדרכים, Sar HaTahbura, HaTashtiyot HaLe'umiyot VeHaBetihut BaDrakhim), formerly Minister of Transport heads the ministry. A relatively minor post in the Israeli cabinet, it is often given to smaller parties in the governing coalitions. Nevertheless, there has been a Minister of Transport in every Israeli government to date. Yisrael Katz of Likud is the incumbent.[5]

Three Prime Ministers (David Ben-Gurion, Menachem Begin and Ariel Sharon) have held the transport portfolio whilst in office, though only for a short time, whilst three Ministers of Transport (Ezer Weizman, Moshe Katsav and Shimon Peres) had gone on to become President.

There is also occasionally a Deputy Minister of Transport.[5]

# Minister Party Government Term start Term end Notes
Minister of Transportation
1David RemezMapaiP, 1May 14, 1948November 1, 1950
2Dov YosefMapai2November 1, 1950October 8, 1951
3David-Zvi PinkasMizrachi3October 8, 1951August 14, 1952Died in office
4David Ben-GurionMapai3August 14, 1952December 24, 1952Serving Prime Minister
5Yosef SerlinGeneral Zionists4December 24, 1952December 29, 1953
6Yosef SapirGeneral Zionists4, 5December 29, 1953June 29, 1955
7Zalman AranMapai6June 29, 1955November 3, 1955
8Moshe CarmelAhdut HaAvoda7, 8November 3, 1955December 17, 1959Not an MK until 9 June 1958
9Yitzhak Ben-AharonAhdut HaAvoda9, 10December 17, 1959May 28, 1962
10Yisrael Bar-YehudaAhdut HaAvoda10, 11, 12May 28, 1962May 4, 1965Died in office
Moshe CarmelAhdut HaAvoda
Labor Party
12, 13, 14May 30, 1965December 15, 1969Not an MK after 17 March 1969
11Ezer WeizmanNot an MK15December 15, 1969August 6, 1970
12Shimon PeresAlignment15September 1, 1970March 10, 1974
13Aharon YarivAlignment16March 10, 1974June 3, 1974
14Gad YaacobiAlignment17June 3, 1974June 20, 1977
15Menahem BeginLikud18June 20, 1977October 24, 1977Serving Prime Minister
16Meir AmitDemocratic Movement for Change18October 24, 1977September 15, 1978
17Haim LandauNot an MK18January 15, 1979August 5, 1981
18Haim CorfoLikud19, 20, 21, 22August 5, 1981December 22, 1988
19Moshe KatsavLikud23, 24December 22, 1988July 13, 1992
20Yisrael KessarLabor Party25, 26July 13, 1992June 18, 1996
21Yitzhak LevyNational Religious Party27June 18, 1996February 25, 1998
22Shaul YahalomNational Religious Party27February 25, 1998July 6, 1999
23Yitzhak MordechaiCentre Party28July 6, 1999May 30, 2000
24Amnon Lipkin-ShahakCentre Party28October 11, 2000March 7, 2001
25Ephraim SnehLabor Party29March 7, 2001November 2, 2002
26Ariel SharonLikud29November 2, 2002December 15, 2002Serving Prime Minister
27Tzachi HanegbiLikud29December 15, 2002February 28, 2003
29Avigdor LiebermanNational Union30February 28, 2003June 6, 2004
30Meir SheetritLikud30August 31, 2004May 4, 2006
Minister of Transportation and Road Safety
31Shaul MofazKadima31May 4, 2006March 31, 2009
Minister of Transportation, National Infrastructure, and Road Safety
32Yisrael KatzLikud3231 March 200918 March 2013
Minister of Transportation and Road Safety
Yisrael KatzLikud33, 3418 March 2013

List of deputy ministers

# Minister Party Government Term start Term end Notes
1Reuven SheriMapai2April 2, 1951October 8, 1951
2Gad YaacobiAlignment15November 2, 1972March 10, 1974
3David ShiffmanLikud19August 11, 1981October 18, 1982Died in office
4Pinhas GoldsteinNew Liberal Party24July 2, 1990November 20, 1990
5Efraim GurUnity for Peace and Immigration
24November 20, 1990July 13, 1992
6Avraham YehezkelLabor Party29March 7, 2001November 2, 2002
7Sofa LandverLabor Party29August 12, 2002November 2, 2002
8Shmuel HalpertAgudat Yisrael30March 30, 2005May 4, 2006
9Tzipi HotovelyLikud3318 March 201314 May 2015


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