Town Bus

Town Bus

Film Poster
Directed by K. Somu
Produced by M. A. Venu
Written by A. P. Nagarajan
Starring N. N. Kannappa
Anjali Devi
M. N. Rajam
T. P. Muthulakshmi
T. K. Ramachandran
V. K. Ramasamy
A. Karunanidhi
Music by K. V. Mahadevan
Cinematography V. K. Gopal
Edited by T. Vijayarangam
M. A. V. Pictures
Distributed by M. A. V. Pictures
Release dates
13 November 1955
Running time
130 Minutes
Country India
Language Tamil

Town Bus is a 1955 Tamil drama film was directed by K. Somu and produced by M. A. Venu under his M. A. V. Pictures. The film script were written by A. P. Nagarajan. Soundtrack is composed by K. V. Mahadevan.[1] The film starring N. N. Kannappa and Anjali Devi , A. Karunanidhi, T. K. Ramachandran played lead roles with V. K. Ramasamy M. N. Rajam T. P. Muthulakshmi portraying supporting role.[2][3] The plot of the film was built around a bus transport company based in Coimbatore, what is novel about the story line is the conductors happens to women. The film performed fairly well at the box office.[3]


An unemployed youth Velu (N. N. Kannappa) meets a woman bus conductor Amutha (Anjali Devi) by circumstance, joins the transporter company as driver and gradually gets close to her. The owner’s daughter (Tambaram Lalitha) falls in love with him, but her father wants her to marry Ramu (Ramachandran), a relative who is the manager of the company. He is only after money and also a skirt-chaser.

Velu's friend Mannaru (A. Karunanidhi) fall in love with another conductor Poongavam (T. P. Muthulakshmi). The manager dismisses the two drivers, after which Velu becomes an auto rickshaw driver. Soon he sets up his own company and experiences success in a short span of time. He marries Amutha and has a child through her. As he becomes more successful, his lifestyle changes and he falls in love with another woman, a dancer Pankajam (M. N. Rajam).

Amutha learns about her husband's affair with Pankajam and more complications follow. She eventually learns that Pankajam is her long-lost sister. Ramu locks up Velu in a room with the intention of killing him. The two women and the bus owner’s daughter, who remains single, team up to save Velu. In the process, the manager shoots Pankajam and is arrested. Velu, Amutha and their child unite and live happily.[3]




The Randor Guy stated the film, M. N. Kannappa, Anjali devi as the suffering wife gave an impressive performance. While M. N. rajam was good as the dancer - Mistress. the others who performed well minor roles were Muthulakshmi, Karunanidhi, Ramasamy and Sambandamm. The main reason was its music . Another interesting aspects was the excellent cinematography(V. K. Gopal) especially the road sequence capturing the bus going on the beautiful roads of Coimbatore with hardly any traffic in those days, half a century and more ago. The pleasing music good performance by Anjali Devi, Kannappa and excellent photography especially the outdoor sequence of Kovai.[3]


Town Bus
Soundtrack album by K. V. Mahadevan
Released 1955
Recorded 1955
Genre Sareegama
Language Tamil
Producer K. V. Mahadevan

Music Composed by K. V. Mahadevan and lyrics written by Ka. Ma. Sheriff.[4] The playback singers consists of Tiruchi Loganathan, T. M. Soundararajan, Seerkazhi Govindarajan, Radha Jayalakshmi, M. S. Rajeswari, S. C. Krishnan, U. R. Chandra, K. R. Chellamuthu, P. Kanaka and A. V. Saraswathy.

The Melodious Music Mahadevan. Some of the song such as Chittukkuruvi Chittukuruvi (sung by the baby voiced off-screen singer M. S. Rajeswari and picturised on Anjali Devi) becomes major hit. Another song and dance number Leda Lady Aruginil Vaada Aadi Paadalam.[3]

No Song Singers Lyric Length(m:ss)
1 Chittukuruvi Chittukuruvi - Happy M. S. Rajeswari Ka. Ma. Sheriff 2:21
2 Chittukkuruvi Chiitukuruvi(2) M. S. Rajeswari
3 Chittukuruvi Chittukuruvi M. S. Rajeswari
4 Leda Lady Aruginil S. C. Krishnan, Seerkazhi Govindarajan & U. R. Chandra 3:09
5 Thilalanga Thilalanga T. M. Soundararajan 01:10
6 Ponnana Vazhve Mannaagi Poma i Tiruchi Loganathan, M. S. Rajeswari & Radha Jayalakshmi 3:28
7 Intha Vaazhve Sonatham Tiruchi Loganathan
8 Uttamarai (Thottrathai Kondum) T. M. Soundararajan 02:53
9 Nenjam Urugudhe Panbadu illamal Radha Jayalakshmi
10 Ponnana Vaazhve Tiruchi Loganathan


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