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Towie ([ˈtaʊ̯wiː]; Scottish Gaelic: Tollaigh "hole place") is a small hamlet in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, close to Alford and Lumsden, on the River Don.[1]

One of the most notable features of Towie is its small primary school with nursery, which is located in the village itself.[2] As of September 2011, it had 22 pupils.[3] They then attend Alford Academy.[4] Towie also has a bowling club and a beautiful church with historic graveyard.

It is part of West Aberdeenshire (UK Parliament constituency).

The village is the burial place of Major James Leith (VC).

In 1979, Glenkindie telephone exchange, just North of Towie, became the UK's first digital telephone exchange.[5] As part of general developments towards digital telephony, small rural exchanges of this size were seen as candidates for solid-state exchanges as they might be more reliable than the previous electromechanical Strowger exchanges.

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