Tove of the Obotrites

Tove of the Obotrites
Queen consort of Denmark
Reign 970986
Predecessor Gyrid Olafsdottir of Sweden
Successor Gunhild of Wenden
Born 10th-century
Spouse Harald Bluetooth
House House of Denmark (by marriage)
Father Prince Mistivir of the Obotrites
Sønder Vissing Runestone, raised by Tove in memory of her mother.

Tove of the Obotrites, also called Tova, Tofa or Thora, (10th century) was a Slavic princess and a Danish Viking Age queen consort, the spouse of King Harald Bluetooth.

Thora (Tova) was the daughter of Prince Mistivir of the Obotrites. She married King Harald in 970. It is not known whether she was the mother of any of her spouse's children. She raised the Sønder Vissing Runestone in memory of her mother.



Tove of the Obotrites
Born: 10th century
Preceded by
Gyrid Olafsdottir of Sweden
Queen consort of Denmark
Succeeded by
Gunhild of Wenden
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