Tourism in Northern Cyprus

Kyrenia (Girne) is one of the main tourist resorts in Northern Cyprus. Tourism is one of the dominant sectors of the Northern Cyprus' economy.

Tourism has affected the development of Northern Cyprus. Its share of the GDP of Northern Cyprus is significant.

Topographic map of Northern Cyprus with the Kyrenia Mountains to the North and the Karpaz Peninsula to the east.

Flora and fauna

Loggerhead sea turtles
Medoş Tulip (Tulipa cypria) are endemics species native to Northern Cyprus.

Arrivals by country

Tourists arrivals by country (As of the end of 2012):[1]

Country\Year 2003 % (2003) 2012 % (2012) 2013
1 Turkey 340.000 904.000
2 UK (non-Turkish Cypriot) 47.160
3 UK (TCs) 26.200
4 Germany 23.580
5 Iran 20.960
Total 470.000 1.166.000
Kaya Artemis Hotel in Bafra Tourism Region

Turkey, UK and other northern Europe represents most of the tourist arrivals.

The number of tourists visiting the TRNC during January–August 2006 was 380,000, up from 286,901 during January–August 2003.[2]

The number of tourist beds increased to 17000 in 2011. Tourism revenue in 2011 was USD400 million.[3] The number of tourists visiting Northern Cyprus: January–August 2003: 286,901;[2] January–August 2006: 380,000,; 2010: 437,723[4]

Golden Beach at Karpaz Peninsula, at sunset. The sandy beaches are often used as habitats for green turtles


Escape Beach Club in Karavas (Alsancak), Kyrenia .

Although there are two airports in Northern Cyprus, the Ercan Airport and Geçitkale Airport, neither have been recognized due to the ongoing disputes involving the political status and recognition of Northern Cyprus. All international flights are done via Turkey by public and private airline companies.

Marina tourism also developed in recent years; Karpaz Gate Marina of Northern Cyprus became a member of ART Marine’s international marinas network in 2014.[5]

Capacity of tourism sector

Total number of beds:
Total shore length:
Total revenues:
Total employment:
Tourist arrivals per year:
The rank of the country in most popular destinations in the world:
International memberships of Northern Cyprus and its organizations:

Annual Tourism Revenues: As of 2012 December: 700 million USD Number of night stayings: 2003: 1.3 millions 2012: 2.7 millions Touristic bed capacity: (2013 March) 19.867 Number of touristic establishments: (2013 March) 145 (Kyrenia: 99). 15 is 5-star-hotel, 6 is 4-star-hotel, 3 is boutique-hotel, 1 is special-certified-hotel. The total number of hotels is 84; Bungalov establishments: 33[1]

Marina tourism

Marina tourism also developed in recent years; many international yacht voyagers come to Northern Cyprus every year.

International memberships of Northern Cyprus and its organizations in tourism

Panoramic view of the Kyrenia Harbour, with the Venetian era Kyrenia Castle on the far left, and the Kyrenia Mountains in the background.
Panoramic view of the Güzelyurt District, and the Morphou Bay.

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