Tour of Belgium

Tour of Belgium
Race details
Date Late-May
Region Belgium
English name Tour of Belgium
Local name(s) Ronde van België (Dutch)
Tour de Belgique (French)
Discipline Road
Competition UCI Europe Tour
Type Stage race
Race director Rob Discart
First edition 1908 (1908)
Editions 86 (as of 2016)
First winner  Lucien Petit-Breton (FRA)
Most wins  Tony Martin (GER) (3 wins)
Most recent  Dries Devenyns (BEL)

The Tour of Belgium (Ronde van België/Tour de Belgique) is a five-day bicycle race which is held annually in Belgium.

It was held annually between 1908 and 1981, except during both world wars. Between 1982 and 1990 several races were not organised and none at all during the decade 1991 to 2001. From 2002 onwards the race has again become an annual fixture on the cycling calendar.

Following the start of the UCI ProTour in 2005 it looked like the race would merge with the Eneco Tour; however this has not happened and it is now part of the UCI Europe Tour competition.


Ten riders have managed to win the Tour of Belgium more than once. The most successful rider is German rider Tony Martin, who won three consecutive editions between 2012 and 2014.

Name Country Wins Years
Tony Martin  Germany 3 2012, 2013, 2014
Louis Mottiat  Belgium 2 1914, 1920
Emile Masson  Belgium 2 1919, 1923
René Vermandel  Belgium 2 1921, 1922
Henri Van Kerckhove  Belgium 2 1952, 1954
Noël Foré  Belgium 2 1958, 1962
Eddy Merckx  Belgium 2 1970, 1971
Roger Swerts  Belgium 2 1972, 1974
Frans Maassen  Netherlands 2 1988, 1990
Stijn Devolder  Belgium 2 2008, 2010

Complete list of winners

Rider Team
1908 France Petit-Breton, LucienLucien Petit-Breton (FRA) Peugeot-Wolber
1909 France Duboc, PaulPaul Duboc (FRA) Alcyon-Dunlop
1910 Belgium Masselis, JulesJules Masselis (BEL) Alcyon-Dunlop
1911 Belgium Vandenberghe, ReneRené Vandenberghe (BEL) Alcyon-Dunlop
1912 Belgium Defraeye, OdielOdiel Defraeye (BEL) Alcyon-Dunlop
1913 Belgium Gauthy, DieudonneDieudonné Gauthy (BEL) Alcyon
1914 Belgium Mottiat, LouisLouis Mottiat (BEL) Alcyon-Soly
1915–1918 No race
1919 Belgium Masson, EmileEmile Masson (BEL) Alcyon
1920 Belgium Mottiat, LouisLouis Mottiat (BEL) Alcyon
1921 Belgium Vermandel, ReneRené Vermandel (BEL) individual
1922 Belgium Vermandel, ReneRené Vermandel (BEL) Alcyon-Dunlop
1923 Belgium Masson, EmileEmile Masson (BEL) Alcyon-Dunlop
1924 Belgium Sellier, FelixFélix Sellier (BEL) Alcyon-Dunlop
1925 Belgium Verschueren, DenisDenis Verschueren (BEL) Wonder
1926 Belgium Debusschere, JeanJean Debusschere (BEL) Alcyon-Dunlop
1927 Belgium Matton, PaulPaul Matton (BEL) Armor-Dunlop
1928 Belgium Vanhevel, JulesJules Vanhevel (BEL) individual
1929 Belgium Van Bruane, ArmandArmand Van Bruane (BEL) La Nordiste
1930 Belgium Joly, EmileEmile Joly (BEL) Génial Lucifer
1931 Belgium De Waele, MauriceMaurice De Waele (BEL) M. Dewaele
1932 Belgium Louyet, LeonLéon Louyet (BEL) Génial Lucifer-Hutchinson
1933 Belgium Aerts, JeanJean Aerts (BEL) Alcyon-Dunlop
1934 Belgium Gardier, FrancoisFrançois Gardier (BEL) Depas Cycles
1935 Belgium Moerenhout, JefJef Moerenhout (BEL) Dilecta-Wolber
1936 Belgium Decroix, EmileEmile Decroix (BEL) Wolber
1937 Belgium Braeckeveldt, AdolfAdolf Braeckeveldt (BEL) Helyett-Splendor
1938 Belgium Neuville, FrancoisFrançois Neuville (BEL) Helyett-Hutchinson
1939 Belgium Somers (cyclist), JosephJoseph Somers (cyclist) (BEL) Helyett-Hutchinson
1940–1944 No race
1945 Belgium Callens, NorbertNorbert Callens (BEL) Mercier-Hutchinson
1946 Belgium Ramon, AlbertAlbert Ramon (BEL) Cilo
1947 Belgium Van Herzele, MauriceMaurice Van Herzele (BEL) Groene Leeuw
1948 Belgium Ockers, StanStan Ockers (BEL) Garin-Wolber
1949 Belgium Sterckx, ErnestErnest Sterckx (BEL) L'Avenir
1950 Belgium Dubuisson, AlbertAlbert Dubuisson (BEL) Groene Leeuw
1951 Belgium Mathys, LucienLucien Mathys (BEL) Groene Leeuw
1952 Belgium Van Kerckhove, HenriHenri Van Kerckhove (BEL) individual
1953 Belgium Rondelé, FlorentFlorent Rondelé (BEL) Bertin-D'Alessandro
1954 Belgium Van Kerckhove, HenriHenri Van Kerckhove (BEL) Groene Leeuw-Huret
1955 Belgium Close, AlexAlex Close (BEL) Elvé-Peugeot
1956 Belgium Vlaeyen, ANdreAndré Vlaeyen (BEL) Elvé-Peugeot
1957 Belgium Cerami, PinoPino Cerami (BEL) Peugeot-BP-Dunlop
1958 Belgium Fore, NoelNoël Foré (BEL) Groene Leeuw-Leopold
1959 Belgium Desmet, ArmandArmand Desmet (BEL) Groene Leeuw-Sinalco
1960 Belgium Sweeck, AlfonsAlfons Sweeck (BEL) Groene Leeuw-Sinalco
1961 Belgium Van Looy, RikRik van Looy (BEL) Faema
1962 Belgium Fore, NoelNoël Foré (BEL) Flandria–Faema–Clément
1963 Netherlands Post, PeterPeter Post (NED) Dr. Mann-Labo
1964 Belgium Beheyt, BenoniBenoni Beheyt (BEL) Wiel's-Groene Leeuw
1965 France Stablinski, JeanJean Stablinski (FRA) Ford France-Gitane
1966 Italy Adorni, VittorioVittorio Adorni (ITA) Salvarani
1967 Italy Preziosi, CarmineCarmine Preziosi (ITA) Molteni
1968 Belgium David, WilfriedWilfried David (BEL) Flandria–De Clerck
1969 Belgium De Vlaeminck, EricEric De Vlaeminck (BEL) Flandria–De Clerck–Krüger
1970 Belgium Merckx, EddyEddy Merckx (BEL) Faemino-Faema
1971 Belgium Merckx, EddyEddy Merckx (BEL) Molteni
1972 Belgium Swerts, RogerRoger Swerts (BEL) Molteni
1973 Denmark Mortensen, LeifLeif Mortensen (DEN) Bic
1974 Belgium Swerts, RogerRoger Swerts (BEL) IJsboerke-Colner
1975 Belgium Maertens, FreddyFreddy Maertens (BEL) Flandria–Carpenter
1976 Belgium Pollentier, MichelMichel Pollentier (BEL) Flandria–Velda
1977 Belgium Planckaert, WalterWalter Planckaert (BEL) Maes-Mini Flat
1978 Belgium Dierickx, AndreAndré Dierickx (BEL) IJsboerke-Gios
1979 Belgium Willems, DanielDaniel Willems (BEL) IJsboerke-Warncke
1980 Netherlands Knetemann, GerrieGerrie Knetemann (NED) TI-Raleigh
1981 Netherlands Wijnands, AdAd Wijnands (NED) TI-Raleigh
1982–1983 No race
1984 Belgium Planckaert, EddyEddy Planckaert (BEL) Panasonic
1985 Belgium Peeters, LudoLudo Peeters (BEL) Kwantum–Decosol–Yoko
1986 Belgium Emonds, NicoNico Emonds (BEL) Kwantum–Decosol–Yoko
1987 No race
1988 Netherlands Maassen, FransFrans Maassen (NED) Superconfex–Yoko–Opel–Colnago
1989 United Kingdom Yates, SeanSean Yates (GBR) 7 Eleven
1990 Netherlands Maassen, FransFrans Maassen (NED) Buckler–Colnago–Decca
1991–2001 No race
2002 Netherlands Voskamp, BartBart Voskamp (NED) BankGiroLoterij-Batavus
2003 Australia Rogers, MichaelMichael Rogers (AUS) Quick-Step–Davitamon
2004 France Chavanel, SylvainSylvain Chavanel (FRA) Brioches La Boulangère
2005 Belgium Boonen, TomTom Boonen (BEL) Quick-Step–Innergetic
2006 Netherlands Tjallingii, MaartenMaarten Tjallingii (NED) Skil–Shimano
2007 Russia Gusev, VladimirVladimir Gusev (RUS) Discovery Channel
2008 Belgium Devolder, StijnStijn Devolder (BEL) Quick-Step
2009 Netherlands Boom, LarsLars Boom (NED) Rabobank
2010 Belgium Devolder, StijnStijn Devolder (BEL) Quick-Step
2011 Belgium Gilbert, PhilippePhilippe Gilbert (BEL) Omega Pharma–Lotto
2012 Germany Martin, TonyTony Martin (GER) Omega Pharma–Quick-Step
2013 Germany Martin, TonyTony Martin (GER) Omega Pharma–Quick-Step
2014 Germany Martin, TonyTony Martin (GER) Omega Pharma–Quick-Step
2015 Belgium Van Avermaet, GregGreg Van Avermaet (BEL) BMC Racing Team
2016 Belgium Devenyns, DriesDries Devenyns (BEL) IAM Cycling

Winners by nation

Rank Country Wins Most times winner Most Recent Winner
1  Belgium 65 Louis Mottiat, Emile Masson, René Vermandel, Henri Van Kerckhove, Noël Foré, Eddy Merckx, Roger Swerts and Stijn Devolder (2 each) Dries Devenyns (2016)
2  Netherlands 8 Frans Maassen (2) Lars Boom (2009)
3  France 4 Lucien Petit-Breton, Paul Duboc, Jean Stablinski and Sylvain Chavanel (1 each) Sylvain Chavanel (2004)
4  Germany 3 Tony Martin (3) Tony Martin (2014)
5  Italy 2 Carmine Preziosi and Vittorio Adorni (1 each) Carmine Preziosi (1967)
6  Australia 1 Michael Rogers (1) Michael Rogers (2003)
 Denmark 1 Leif Mortensen (1) Leif Mortensen (1973)
 United Kingdom 1 Sean Yates (1) Sean Yates (1989)
 Russia 1 Vladimir Gusev (1) Vladimir Gusev (2007)
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