Liverpool ministry

The Earl of Liverpool by Sir George Hayter, 1823

This is a list of members of the Tory government of the United Kingdom in office under the leadership of Lord Liverpool from 1812 to 1827.

The Cabinet



Full List of Ministers

Members of the Cabinet are in bold face.

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First Lord of the Treasury
Leader of the House of Lords
The Earl of Liverpool8 June 1812 – 9 April 1827
Chancellor of the ExchequerNicholas Vansittart9 June 1812 
Hon. F. J. Robinson21 January 1823
Secretaries to the TreasuryRichard Whartoncontinued in office1814 
Charles Arbuthnotcontinued in office1823 
Stephen Rumbold Lushington18141827 
John Charles Herries18231827 
Junior Lords of the TreasuryWilliam Vesey-FitzGerald16 June 1812 – 7 January 1817 
Hon. Berkeley Paget16 June 1812 – 13 June 1826 
Hon. F. J. Robinson16 June 1812 – 25 November 1813 
James Brogden16 June 1812 – 20 December 1813 
Viscount Lowther25 November 1813 – 30 April 1827 
Charles Grant20 December 1813 – 25 March 1819 
John Maxwell-Barry7 January 1817 – 3 May 1823 
William Odell7 January 1817 – 25 March 1819 
Lord Granville Somerset25 March 1819 – 30 April 1827 
Edmond Alexander Macnaghten25 March 1819 – 30 April 1827 
Earl of Mount Charles13 June 1826 – 30 April 1827 
Lord ChancellorThe Lord Eldoncontinued in office; created earl in 1821. 
Lord President of the CouncilThe Earl of Harrowby11 June 1812 
Lord Privy SealThe Earl of Westmorlandcontinued in office 
Home SecretaryThe Viscount Sidmouth11 June 1812 
Robert Peel17 January 1822
Under-Secretary of State for the Home DepartmentHenry Goulburncontinued in office 
John Hiley AddingtonAugust 1812
Henry CliveApril 1818
George Robert DawsonJanuary 1822
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs
Leader of the House of Commons
Viscount Castlereaghcontinued in officesucceeded as Marquess of Londonderry 6 April 1821
George Canning16 September 1822 
Under-Secretary of State for Foreign AffairsEdward Cookecontinued in office 
Joseph Planta25 July 1817 
The Earl of Clanwilliam22 January 1822 
Lord Francis ConynghamJanuary 1823January 1826known as Earl of Mount Charles after 1824
The Lord Howard de WaldenJuly 1824April 1827 
The Marquess of ClanricardeJanuary 1826April 1827 
Secretary of State for War and the ColoniesThe Earl Bathurst11 June 1812 
Under-Secretary of State for War and the ColoniesHenry Bunburycontinued in office1816 
Robert Peelcontinued in office1812
Henry Goulburn18121821
Robert Wilmot Horton1821
First Lord of the AdmiraltyThe Viscount Melvillecontinued in office 
First Secretary to the AdmiraltyJohn Wilson Crokercontinued in office 
Civil Lords of the AdmiraltyHon. F. J. Robinsoncontinued in office5 October 1812 
Lord Walpolecontinued in office5 October 1812 
William Dundascontinued in office23 August 1814 
Sir George Warrender, Bt5 October 1812 – 8 February 1822 
John Osborn5 October 1812 – 16 February 1824became Sir John Osborn, Bt, in 1818
The Marquess of Worcester24 May 1816 – 15 March 1819 
Sir George Clerk, Bt15 March 1819 – 2 May 1827 
Lord William Douglas8 February23 March 1822
16 February 1824 – 2 May 1827
President of the Board of TradeThe Earl Bathurstcontinued in office 
The Earl of Clancarty29 September 1812
Hon. F. J. Robinson24 January 1818
William Huskisson31 January 1823
Vice-President of the Board of TradeGeorge Rosecontinued in office 
Hon. F. J. Robinson29 September 1812
Thomas Wallace24 January 1818
Charles Grant3 April 1823
President of the Board of ControlThe Earl of Buckinghamshirecontinued in office 
George Canning20 June 1816
Charles Bragge Bathurst16 January 1821
Charles Watkin Williams-Wynn8 February 1822
Secretary to the Board of ControlJohn Brucecontinued in office 
Thomas Courtenay20 August 1812
Chancellor of the Duchy of LancasterThe Earl of Buckinghamshire23 June 1812
Charles Bathurst23 August 1812 
Nicholas Vansittart13 February 1823created Baron Bexley 1 March 1823
Master-General of the OrdnanceThe Earl of Mulgravecontinued in office 
The Duke of Wellington1 January 1819
Lieutenant-General of the OrdnanceSir Thomas Triggecontinued in officedied 11 January 1814
Sir Hildebrand Oakes9 March 1814died 9 September 1822
The Viscount Beresford18 February 1823 
Sir George Murray22 March 1824 
Sir William Henry Clinton30 April 1825 
Treasurer of the OrdnanceThomas Alcockcontinued in office 
William Holmes20 June 1818 
Surveyor-General of the OrdnanceRobert Moorsomcontinued in office 
Sir Ulysses Burgh16 March 1820became Baron Downes, 3 March 1826
Clerk of the OrdnanceRobert Plumer Wardcontinued in office 
Sir Henry Hardinge29 April 1823
Clerk of the Deliveries of the OrdnanceThomas Thorotoncontinued in office 
Hon. Edmund Phipps31 October 1812 
Storekeeper of the OrdnanceMark Singletoncontinued in office 
Treasurer of the NavyGeorge Rosecontinued in office 
Hon. F. J. Robinson12 February 1818
William Huskisson8 February 1823
Secretary at WarViscount Palmerstoncontinued in office 
Master of the MintThe Earl Bathurstcontinued in office 
The Earl of Clancarty30 October 1812 
Hon. William Wellesley-Pole28 September 1814created Baron Maryborough 17 July 1821
Thomas Wallace9 October 1823 
Paymaster of the ForcesCharles Longcontinued in office1826 
Lord Charles Henry Somersetcontinued in office1813
Hon. F. J. Robinson9 November 18131817
William Vesey-FitzGerald1826
Postmaster GeneralThe Earl of Chichestercontinued in office1826 
The Earl of Sandwichcontinued in office1814
The Earl of Clancarty18141816
The Marquess of Salisbury18161823
Lord Frederick Montagu18261827
First Commissioner of Woods and ForestsThe Lord Glenberviecontinued in office 
William Huskisson1814
Charles Arbuthnot1823
Minister without PortfolioThe Earl CamdenJune 1812 December 1812Marquess Camden from September 1812
The Earl of MulgraveJanuary 1819May 1820
Lord Lieutenant of IrelandThe Duke of Richmondcontinued in office 
The Earl WhitworthJune 1813
The Earl TalbotOctober 1817
The Marquess WellesleyDecember 1821
Chief Secretary for IrelandHon. William Wellesley-Polecontinued in office 
Robert PeelAugust 1812
Charles GrantAugust 1818
Henry GoulburnDecember 1821
Attorney GeneralSir Thomas Plumer26 June 1812 
Sir William Garrow4 May 1813
Sir Samuel Shepherd7 May 1817
Sir Robert Gifford24 July 1819
Sir John Singleton Copley9 January 1824
Sir Charles Wetherell20 September 1826
Solicitor GeneralSir William Garrow26 June 1812 
Sir Robert Dallas4 May 1813
Sir Samuel Shepherd 22 December 1813
Sir Robert Gifford7 May 1817
Sir John Singleton Copley24 July 1819
Sir Charles Wetherell9 January 1824
Sir Nicholas Conyngham Tindal20 September 1826
Judge Advocate GeneralCharles Manners-Suttoncontinued in office 
Sir John Beckett, Bt25 June 1817
Lord AdvocateArchibald Colquhouncontinued in office 
Alexander Maconochie1816
Sir William Rae Bt1819
Solicitor General for ScotlandDavid Monypennycontinued in office 
Alexander Maconochie1813
James Wedderburn1816
John Hope1822
Attorney General for IrelandWilliam Conyngham Plunket1822 
Solicitor General for IrelandCharles Kendal Bushecontinued in office 
Henry Joy20 February 1822
Lord Steward of the Household The Earl of Cholmondeleycontinued in office 
The Marquess Conyngham11 December 1821 
Treasurer of the HouseholdViscount Jocelyncontinued in office 
Lord Charles Bentinck29 July 1812
William Henry Fremantle27 May 1826
Comptroller of the HouseholdLord George Thynnecontinued in office 
Lord George Beresford29 July 1812
Lord Chamberlain of the HouseholdThe Marquess of Hertfordcontinued in office 
The Duke of Montrose14 December 1821
Vice-Chamberlain of the HouseholdThe Earl of Yarmouthcontinued in office 
Viscount Jocelyn28 July 1812
The Marquess of Graham7 February 1821
Master of the HorseThe Duke of Montrosecontinued in office 
The Duke of Dorset12 December 1821
Master of the BuckhoundsThe Marquess Cornwalliscontinued in office 
The Lord Maryborough22 August 1823
Captain of the Gentlemen PensionersThe Earl of Courtowncontinued in office 
Captain of the Yeomen of the GuardThe Earl of Macclesfieldcontinued in office 


Preceded by
Perceval Ministry
Government of the United Kingdom
Succeeded by
Canningite Government 1827–1828
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