Tortosa Cathedral

Cathedral of Saint Mary

The cathedral in the midst of the old city
Basic information
Location Tortosa, Catalonia
Geographic coordinates Coordinates: 40°48′52″N 2°10′35″E / 40.81444°N 2.17639°E / 40.81444; 2.17639
Affiliation Roman Catholic
District Tortosa
Year consecrated 1447
Architectural description
Architectural type Cathedral
Architectural style Gothic and Baroque
Groundbreaking 1347
Completed 1757

The Catedral of Saint Mary of Tortosa is a cathedral located in Tortosa, Catalonia, Spain and seat of the Diocese of Tortosa. The present structure is located in the center of the city's old town.


Its construction began in 1347 on the remains of a previous Romanesque cathedral. The cathedral was completed two centuries later. It was designed by Benito Dalguayre and has three naves with chapels between the buttresses and an ambulatory with radial chapels.[1] The church is constructed in the Catalan Gothic style, though the façade, from the 18th century, is Baroque.

Archeological excavations on the site revealed that the cathedral was constructed on the site of an older Romanesque church, which was itself built on the site of the old Roman forum of Tortosa.



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