Torneo del Interior

Not to be confused with Torneo Argentino C.
Torneo del Interior
Sport Rugby union
Instituted 1998
Number of teams 16 (Zona Campeonato)
Country  Argentina
Holders Cardenales RC (2015)
Most titles La Tablada, Duendes (3 titles each)
Website Torneo del Interior
Broadcast partner ESPN

The Torneo del Interior is an annual rugby union competition in Argentina. The competition involves clubs from all provincial unions outside of Buenos Aires. Teams qualify from the Litoral, Noroeste, Centro, Noreste, Pampeana, Oeste and Patagónico tournaments.

The tournament took place from 1998–2004, then was re-launched in 2009, in an effort to bring provincial clubs to the same level as the teams from Buenos Aires.[1]

Buenos Aires clubs take part in the Torneo de la URBA, a parallel competition organised by the Unión de Rugby de Buenos Aires. From 2013 on, the top nine teams from the Torneo del Interior qualify for the Nacional de Clubes, where they compete with the top seven teams from the Torneo de la URBA.[2]


The 32 teams are split into two divisions, the Zona Campeonato and Zona Ascenso, both made up of 16 teams. In the second half of the season, both zones start again with the 8 best ranked teams, concluding with semi-finals and a final.

Zona Campeonato

Qualification to this division: 6 clubs from Noroeste, 4 from Litoral, 3 from Centro, 2 from Oeste and 1 from Pampeana.[3]

Zona Ascenso

Qualification to this division: 3 from Litoral, 3 from Pampeana, 2 clubs from Centro, 2 from Noroeste, 2 from Noreste, 2 from Oeste and 2 from Patagónico.[3]


Below is the list of finals contested from 1998 to date:[4]


Season Champion Runner-up Score
1998 Jockey Club Córdoba Marista 25–13
1999 Jockey Club Córdoba Duendes 26–13
2000 Jockey Club Rosario Tala 26–22
2001 La Tablada Cardenales 21–16
2002 Jockey Club Rosario Universitario (T) 32–28
2003 Duendes Cardenales 22–20
2004 Tala Los Tarcos 35–26
(Not held)
(Not held)
(Not held)
(Not held)
2009 Duendes Universitario (T) 35–21
2010 La Tablada Cardenales 25–18
2011 La Tablada Duendes 37–27
2012 Duendes Cardenales 40-21
2013 Duendes Tala 36-6
2014 Urú Curé Los Tordos RC 25-11
2015 Cardenales RC Los Tordos RC 26-16

Titles by team

Team Titles Years won
Duendes 4 2003, 2009, 2012,2013
La Tablada 3 2001, 2010, 2011
Jockey Club Córdoba 2 1998, 1999
Jockey Club Rosario 2 2000, 2002
Tala 1 2004
Urú Curé 1 2014
Cardenales RC 1 2015

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