Torii Tadamasa

In this Japanese name, the family name is Torii.

Torii Tadamasa (鳥居 忠政, 1567 – October 2, 1628) was the first lord (daimyō) of Iwakidaira Domain in Japan's Mutsu Province, worth 100,000 koku, in 1603.

In 1622, he was moved to the larger fief of Yamagata in Dewa Province, worth 260,000 koku.

Preceded by
Torii Mototada
Daimyo of Yasaku
Succeeded by
Miura Masatsugu
Preceded by
Daimyo of Iwakidaira
Succeeded by
Naitō Masanaga
Preceded by
Mogami Yoshitoshi
Daimyo of Yamagata
Succeeded by
Torii Tadatsune

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