Tomie: Revenge

Tomie: Revenge

Film poster
Directed by Ataru Oikawa
Based on Tomie
by Junji Ito
Starring Hisako Shirata
Minami Hinase
Anri Ban
Release dates
  • April 16, 2005 (2005-04-16)
Running time
72 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Tomie: Revenge (富江 REVENGE) is a 2005 Japanese horror film directed by Ataru Oikawa.[1] It is the sixth installment of the Tomie film series, based on a manga of the same name by Junji Ito, more specifically the chapter Revenge.


Tomie is played by Anri Ban. The story revolves around a young, female doctor, and an unidentified naked woman she runs down on the road one night. In her search for the wounded girl (who has a mole under her left eye) the doctor ends up in an abandoned house filled with bodies, madmen and an unconscious girl. She then discovers Tomie and madness begins yet again.



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