For the former Slovenian currency, see Slovenian tolar. For the Argentine municipality, see Tolar Grande.
Bohemia, Joachimsthaler 1525. Obverse, picturing St Joachim.
Bohemia, Joachimsthaler 1525. Reverse, with the Bohemian Lion.

Tolar (German: Thaler) is the Czech name for the silver coin mined in Bohemia in the 16th century in Jáchymov (German: Joachimsthal). The modern word dollar was derived from the Spanish dollar, so-called in the English-speaking world because they were of similar size and weight to the German Thalers. The German Thalers were so named because they were first minted from a silver mine in 1520 in Joachimsthal. It was the main currency in Bohemia from 1520 to 1750.[1]

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