Toe tuft

Toe tufts are commonly found on cats with medium to long coats. Clumps of fur that stick out at least 1–2 cm beyond the paw pad can be considered tufts. In addition to soft paw pads, toe tufts help a cat to silently stalk its prey by muffling excess noise. However, outdoor cats tend to lose their toe tufts due to excessive abrasion on the rougher outdoor surfaces. This is in distinct contrast to indoor cats who spend most of their time walking on carpet or smooth floors.

Although toe tufts do not cause additional hairballs in cats, it does make some aspects of hygiene a bit more difficult. For example, cat litter, dirt and other particulates may stick to toe tufts and cause the cat some discomfort. Therefore, a cat with extra long toe tufts should be checked regularly for tangles and taken in for grooming.

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