Titus Flavius Sabinus (consul 82)

See also Titus Flavius Sabinus (disambiguation) for other men of this name.

Titus Flavius T. f. T. n. Sabinus was the son of Titus Flavius Sabinus, consul suffectus in AD 52, and praefectus urbi under Nero. In AD 69, he was besieged with his father in the Capitol, but escaped when it was burnt down. He married Julia Flavia, the daughter of his cousin, the future emperor Titus.

Sabinus was consul with his cousin, the emperor Domitian, in AD 82, but was afterwards slain by the emperor, on the frivolous pretext that the herald in proclaiming his consulship had called him Imperator instead of consul. Domitian's love for Sabinus' wife was perhaps the real reason for his death.

Sabinus' brother was Titus Flavius Clemens, consul in 95.


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