Titus Flavius Petro

Titus Flavius Petro (fl 1st century BC) was the paternal grandfather of the Roman Emperor Vespasian.

He was allegedly the son of a contracted laborer, who each summer crossed the Po to assist the Sabines with their harvests. However, Suetonius wrote that his careful research failed to support this story. Petro was born and raised in Reate, in Sabinia, Italy. He fought for Pompey in Caesar's Civil War as a centurion or a volunteer reservist. Leaving the battlefield of Pharsalus in Greece, he secured a discharge with a full pardon and became a tax collector.

He married a woman called Tertulla (c. 40 BC - aft. 9 AD), who was the Preceptor of her grandson Vespasian, daughter of Tertullus, and had a son Titus Flavius Sabinus.[1]

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