Titina De Filippo

Titina De Filippo

Titina De Filippo in the 1950s
Born Annunziata De Filippo
27 March 1898
Naples, Italy[1]
Died 26 December 1963 (1963-12-27) (aged 65)
Rome, Italy[1]
Occupation Actress, playwright
Parent(s) Luisa De Filippo
Eduardo Scarpetta
Relatives Peppino De Filippo (brother)
Eduardo De Filippo (brother)

Titina De Filippo, born Annunziata De Filippo (27 March 1898 – 26 December 1963) was an Italian actress and playwright.[2]

She was born in via Dell'Ascensione a Chiaia, Naples, the oldest of three children born from the extramarital relationship between Luisa De Filippo and Eduardo Scarpetta, a well-respected playwright in Naples. The children became known as "Children of the buttons" since their mother was a seamstress to his company: apart from Titina, they include actor Peppino De Filippo and playwright and director Eduardo De Filippo.[2]

Titina De Filippo studied music and learned French as a child. She made her stage debut at the age of seven.[2]


De Filippo in Cani e gatti (1952)
De Filippo in Cani e gatti (1952)
Titina De Filippo with her brother Eduardo in 100 Years of Love (1954)


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