Tigh an Raoilinn

Location in Ireland

Coordinates: 52°47′50″N 6°53′43″W / 52.797154°N 6.895161°W / 52.797154; -6.895161Coordinates: 52°47′50″N 6°53′43″W / 52.797154°N 6.895161°W / 52.797154; -6.895161
Country Ireland
Province Leinster
County County Carlow
Elevation 57 m (187 ft)
Time zone WET (UTC+0)
  Summer (DST) IST (WEST) (UTC-1)
Irish Grid Reference S742723
Website www.tinryland.ie

Tinryland (Irish: Tigh an Raoilinn)[1] is a village in County Carlow, Ireland, less than 5 km south of Carlow town. It is within the townland of Tinriland (historically Tinrilan),[1] in the parish of Tullowmagimma.


Settlement developed in the Tinryland area about 3700-3400 BC. These people were the first farming type people of the Neolithic Period (New Stone Age) and probably the first people to settle in the area.

Evidence of these people was found at the ancient burial site in Linkardstown in 1943. The find consisted of a Polygonal stone chamber paved with stones that sloped upwards and inwards. Inside was found the remains of a single human, along with some pottery.

Linkardstown Church and Graveyard is now in ruins, but the old stone baptismal font used in the church and which dates from the 18th century now stands in the grounds of the modern St. Joseph's Church, Tinryland.

Ballyloo Castle, only a fragment of which remains, was home to the Kavanagh family and was built by Art Óg Kavanagh of Pulmonty, King of Leinster who died in 1417. This castle was the centre for the Kavanagh's of Ballyloo until the arrival of Cromwell 200 years later.

Famous descendants

In nearby Clonmelsh Church Graveyard are buried the ancestors of Walt Disney and members of the Butler family.

Pierce Butler of Garryhundon was one of the architects of the American Constitution and was one of its signatories in Philadelphia in 1788. He went on to represent South Carolina at George Washington's Presidential Inauguration. He went on to become adviser to three consecutive presidents and turned down a nomination to run for the Vice-Presidency before his death in 1822.

The 1798 Commemoration Stone was erected on the main approach road to the village on the 200th anniversary of the uprising in 1998. The monument was built in honour of the locals who fought and died in the insurrection and at the battle of Carlow in May 1798.

A horse named after the village took part in the 1995 Grand National but fell at the first fence.

Tinryland GAA

Tinryland GAA was established in 1888.


Since its establishment they have won 15 Senior Football Championships, 7 U21 Football Championships, 1 Minor Football Championship, 1 Intermediate Football Championship, 4 Junior A Football Championships, 1 Junior B Football Championship.[2]

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