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Timon Screech (born 28 September 1961, Birmingham) is a professor of the history of art at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. He is a specialist in the art and culture of early modern Japan.

In 1985, Timon Screech received a BA in Oriental Studies (Japanese) at the University of Oxford. In 1991, he completed his PhD in art history at Harvard University. Since graduating from Harvard, he has been at SOAS; and he has also been visiting professor of Art History at the University of Chicago, and guest researcher at Gakushuin University and Waseda University in Tokyo. Screech is a Permanent Visiting Professor at Tama University of the Arts, Tokyo. His main current research project is related to the early history of the English East India Company in Japan (1613–26).


In SOAS's Department of Art & Archaeology, Screech is a Professor of the history of art. Professor Screech's particular areas of interest are the history of Japanese art; Edo painting; contacts between Japan and Europe in the 18th century; history of science in Japan; and the theory of art history. He was elected to a Chair in the history of art in 2006. Screech also serves a Head of the Department of the History of Art & Archaeology at SOAS and of the School of Arts (SOASOAS).

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