Timiș-Cerna Gap

Timiș-Cerna Gap
Location Romania
Range Southern Carpathians/Banat Mountains

Timiș-Cerna Gap (Romanian: Culoarul Timiș-Cerna) is a mountain pass in South-Western Romania (mostly in Caraș-Severin County), dividing the Southern Carpathians and Banat mountain ranges, both part of the Carpathians.

The pass follows the paths of the rivers Timiș (which flows northward) and Cerna (which flows southward). To the west lie the Almăj and Semenic Mountains and to the east Mehedinți, Cerna, Țarcului and Poiana Ruscă Mountains.

The town of Caransebeş lies in the Timiș-Cerna Gap and Orşova lies on the Danube at the gap's southern end.

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