Timeline of architectural styles

Architectural styleArchitecture timeline

This timeline shows the periods of various styles of architecture in a graphical fashion.

6000 BC–present

Neolithic architecture Architecture of Mesopotamia Ancient Egyptian architecture Architecture of Mesopotamia Ancient Greek architecture Roman architecture Byzantine architecture Moorish architecture


Hoysala architecture Architecture of Kievan Rus' Romanesque architecture Norman architecture Mudéjar Gothic architecture Russian architecture Sondergotik Renaissance architecture Tudor style architecture Manueline Mannerism Russian architecture Baroque architecture Palladian architecture Naryshkin Baroque Petrine Baroque Georgian architecture Neoclassical architecture Gothic Revival architecture Pombaline style Federal architecture Russian Revival architecture Victorian architecture Romanesque Revival architecture Queen Anne Style architecture Modern architecture Bauhaus International style architecture Postmodern architecture Structural Expressionism


6000BC–1000AD1000–17501750–1900 • 1900–Present
Architectural styleArchitecture timeline
Prairie Style Edwardian Baroque architecture National Romantic style Heliopolis style Futurist architecture Nordic Classicism Expressionist architecture Amsterdam School Modern architecture Constructivist architecture Spanish Colonial Revival Style architecture Bauhaus Mediterranean Revival Egyptian Revival architecture Fascist architecture Art Deco International style (architecture) Streamline Moderne Stalinist architecture Nazi architecture Usonian Mid-century modern Googie architecture Brutalist architecture Postmodern architecture Critical regionalism Metabolist Movement High-tech architecture Memphis Group Deconstructivism Blobitecture Sustainable architecture New Classical Architecture

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