Tihany Abbey

Tihany Abbey

Monastery information
Order Benedictine
Established 1055
Dedicated to 1763 (current church)
Diocese Veszprém
Founder(s) Andrew I of Hungary
Location Tihany, Veszprém County, Hungary

The Tihany Abbey is a Benedictine monastery established at Tihany in the Kingdom of Hungary in 1055. Its patrons are the Virgin Mary and Saint Aignan of Orleans.


The Benedictine monastery at Tihany was established in 1055 by King Andrew I of Hungary (r. 1046–1060).[1] It was dedicated to the Holy Virgin and to Saint Bishop Aignan of Orleans.[1] King Andrew was buried in the church of the monastery in 1060.[2] His tomb in the crypt of the church is only grave of a medieval King of Hungary which has been preserved until now.[2]

The church's ceiling is decorated with frescoes by Károly Lotz, depicting Faith, Hope and Love.

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Coordinates: 46°54′50″N 17°53′22″E / 46.91389°N 17.88944°E / 46.91389; 17.88944

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