Tie Cup

Tie Cup Competition

The trophy given to champions.
Founded 1900
Abolished 1919 (1919)
Region Buenos Aires, Rosario, Uruguay
Most successful team(s) Argentina Alumni (6 titles)

The Tie Cup Competition (also known as Copa de Competencia Chevallier Boutell) is a defunct international football tournament played between representatives of the Argentina, Rosario and Uruguay Associations. It was one of the earliest international football tournaments played between members of different national football associations.

The cup was donated by Francis Hepburn Chevallier Boutell, the president of Argentine Association Football League, in 1900. The tournament was played on an annual basis until 1919.[1]


Between 1900 and 1906 qualifiers from the three associations contested the semi-finals 2 from the Argentine football association, 1 from Rosario and one from the Uruguayan football association.

From 1907 to 1919 only the final match was international, contested between one representative each from Argentina and Uruguay. The participants were determined via qualification cups (Argentine Copa de Competencia Jockey Club and Uruguayan Copa de Competencia).


The following list includes all the editions of the Tie Cup Competition:[2]

Year Champion Runner-up Score Venue City/District
1900 Argentina Belgrano AC Argentina Rosario AC 2-0 Flores Ground Flores
1901 Argentina Alumni Argentina Rosario AC 2-1 [lower-alpha 1] Lomas AC Lomas de Zamora
1902 Argentina Rosario AC Argentina Alumni 1-1 [lower-alpha 1] Soc. Sportiva Argentina Palermo
1-1 [lower-alpha 1]
2-1 [lower-alpha 1]
1903 Argentina Alumni Argentina Rosario AC 3-2 [lower-alpha 1] Soc. Sportiva Argentina Palermo
1904 Argentina Rosario AC Uruguay CURCC [lower-alpha 2] 3-2 [lower-alpha 1] Flores Ground Flores
1905 Argentina Rosario AC Uruguay CURCC 4-3 [lower-alpha 1] Soc. Sportiva Argentina Palermo
1906 Argentina Alumni Argentina Belgrano AC 10-1 Quilmes AC Quilmes
1907 Argentina Alumni Uruguay CURCC 3-1 Ferro C. Oeste Caballito
1908 Argentina Alumni Uruguay Wanderers 4-0 Belgrano AC Belgrano
1909 Argentina Alumni Uruguay CURCC 4-0 Gimnasia y Esgrima (BA) Palermo
(Not completed) [lower-alpha 3]
1911 Uruguay Wanderers Argentina San Isidro 2-0 C.A. San Isidro San Isidro
1912 Argentina San Isidro Uruguay Nacional 1-0 n/e Buenos Aires
1913 Uruguay Nacional Argentina San Isidro 1-0 n/e Buenos Aires
1914 Argentina River Plate Uruguay Bristol 1-0 Ferro C. Oeste Caballito
1915 Uruguay Nacional Argentina Porteño 2-0 n/e Buenos Aires
1916 Uruguay Peñarol Argentina Rosario Central 3-0 Racing Avellaneda
1917 Uruguay Wanderers Argentina Independiente 4-0 n/e Buenos Aires
1918 Uruguay Wanderers Argentina Porteño 2-1 Gimnasia y Esgrima (BA) Palermo
1919 Argentina Boca Juniors Uruguay Nacional 2-0 Sportivo Barracas Barracas

Titles by team

Team Titles Years won
Argentina Alumni 6 1901, 1903, 1906, 1907, 1908, 1909
Argentina Rosario AC 3 1902, 1904, 1905
Uruguay Wanderers 3 1911, 1917, 1918
Uruguay Nacional 2 1913, 1915
Argentina Belgrano AC 1 1900
Argentina San Isidro 1 1912
Argentina River Plate 1 1914
Uruguay Peñarol 1 1916
Argentina Boca Juniors 1 1919

Titles by nation

Country Titles Teams
Argentina 13 Belgrano AC, Alumni, Rosario AC, San Isidro, River Plate, Boca Juniors
Uruguay 6 Wanderers, Nacional, Peñarol

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  2. The football division separated from the club, changing to Club Atlético Peñarol in 1913. Peñarol has been recognized by FIFA as the continuity of CURCC.[3][4] Nevertheless, its main rival, Club Nacional de Football, alleged that CURCC and Peñarol were different clubs which coexisted until 1915, when CURCC was definitely dissolved.
  3. Estudiantes (BA) and CURCC played the final, with ended 2-2. A second game should have to be played after that, but it never happened and the tournament was therefore abandoned without proclaiming a champion.


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