Ticinese dialect

ticines, ticinées
Native to Switzerland
Region Switzerland:
Graubünden (in the Moesa District)
Piedmont (parts of the Province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola)
Native speakers
108,000 (2011)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3
Glottolog tici1238[2]

Ticinese (ticines, ticinées) is a comprehensive denomination for the varieties of the Lombard language spoken in Canton Ticino (Tessin) and in the north of the Province of Varese. The term Ticinesi refers to the citizens of Ticino or speakers of the language.

Ticinese koiné refers to a koiné form used by speakers of local dialects (particularly those diverging from the koinè itself, as, e.g., Leventinese, etc.) when communicating with speakers of other Western Lombard dialects of Ticino, the Grisons (collectively known as Swiss Italian) or Italian Lombardy.


Ticinese is generally more vital than the Western Lombard varieties spoken in Italy, with a significant number of young speakers. Some radio and television programmes in Ticinese, mostly comedies are broadcast by the Italian language broadcasting company RTSI.

A dictionary and some studies on the Ticinese variants are published by CDE – Centro di dialettologia e di etnografia, a cantonal research institution.


Some possible expressions and idioms:

English Ticinese Italiano
Delicious Potatoes Patati delizios Patate deliziose
To be naive Beev l'acqua dal cudee Credere a tutto ed a tutti
One makes nothing out of nothing chi gha al goss al gha quaicoss, se l gha nagot al gha al goss da carez Con niente si fa nulla

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