Tibiscus University of Timișoara

Tibiscus University Timișoara
Universitatea Tibiscus din Timișoara
Type Private
Established Teaching existed since 1991 as a non-profit 1991 (age 2425), accredited as a University since 1998.
Chancellor Prof. Univ. Dr. Ciprian Vălcan
Rector Prof. Univ. Dr. Cornel Haranguş
Location Timișoara,  Romania
Affiliations AUDEM, EUA, IAU, Magna Charta Universitatum
Website http://www.tibiscus.ro/

Tibiscus University of Timișoara is an accredited university in Timișoara, Romania. It was established in 1991 and accredited by Law 484/11.07.2002.

More precisely, it has 14 accredited or temporarily authorized license (Bachelor's) curricula, according to Government Decision no. 749/2009[1] and 10 accredited or temporarily authorized Master's curricula, according to Order no. 4360/2010 of the Romanian Department of Education.[2]

Academic Library

Built in 1992 with the aim to support the educational process, the librariy and has around 70,000 publications.

Official Newspaper

Periodical newspaper edited since 1997 by the Journalism Faculty students.


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