Tiberius (son of Justinian II)

Co-emperor of the Byzantine Empire

Justinian II and his son Tiberius
Reign 706–711 (alongside Justinian II)
Predecessor Justinian II
Successor Philippikos Bardanes
Born 705
Died 711
Dynasty Heraclian Dynasty
Father Justinian II
Mother Theodora of Khazaria
Heraclian dynasty
Heraclius 610641
with Constantine III as co-emperor, 613641
Constantine III 641
with Heraklonas as co-emperor
Heraklonas 641
Constans II 641668
with Constantine IV (654668), Heraclius and Tiberius (659668) as co-emperors
Constantine IV 668685
with Heraclius and Tiberius (668681), and Justinian II (681685) as co-emperors
Justinian II 685695, 705711
with Tiberius as co-emperor, 706711
Preceded by
Justinian dynasty and Phocas
Followed by
Twenty Years' Anarchy

Tiberius (Greek: Τιβέριος, Tiberios) was the only son of the Byzantine emperor Justinian II, and his only child by his second wife Theodora of Khazaria, whom he married ca. 704 whilst in exile among the Khazars. Tiberius was probably born in 705, during his father's absence in a bid to regain the Byzantine throne. Following Justinian's success, Tiberius and his mother were recalled to Constantinople, where the infant was raised to co-emperor. The only thing known of him thereafter is his participation in the festive reception of Pope Constantine I in early 711. Following the overthrow of his father in December 711, he was murdered by the patrikios Mauros and John Strouthos, and buried in the Church of the Holy Unmercenaries.


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