Thrill-Power Overload

Thrill-Power Overload

Cover of the book, featuring a montage of 2000 AD characters, by Brian Bolland
Author David Bishop
Illustrator Various
Cover artist Brian Bolland
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Subject 2000 AD
Publisher Rebellion Developments
Publication date
February 2007
Media type Comics
Pages 260
ISBN 1-905437-22-6
OCLC 72151598

Thrill Power Overload, or TPO is a book about the history of the British comic 2000 AD written by David Bishop, one of its editors.


The book started life as series of articles written by David Bishop and serialised in the Judge Dredd Megazine, forming the most comprehensive history of the comic 2000 AD yet written.

The articles gave details of the way particular strips were created, the various financial and other external pressures the comic had faced, and some behind the scenes gossip.

A similar follow-up feature, Fifteen Years, Creep!, was a history of the Megazine itself.


The instalments were:

They have now been collected and expanded into a book:


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