Threshold Editions

Threshold Editions is an imprint of Simon & Schuster the publishing division of CBS Corporation specializing in conservative non-fiction.[1] Louise Burke is the publisher, Mitchell Ivers is the VP & editorial director, and Natasha Simons is the associate editor.[1] Mary Matalin was its founding editor-in-chief.[2]


The imprint's authors include:

Mark R. Levin
Rush Limbaugh
Glenn Beck
Laura Ingraham
John Stossel
Lou Dobbs
Mike Gallagher

Political Leaders:
Dick Cheney
Donald Trump
Jeb Bush
Karl Rove
John Bolton
Bobby Jindal
Herman Cain

Political Commentators:
Michelle Malkin
Oliver North
James O'Keefe
Pete Hegseth
Katie Pavlich
David Limbaugh
Dinesh D'Souza
Tom Fitton
Ben Shapiro
Jason Mattera


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